BC_Code 128

BC_Code128 is and free open source software created by CBSR to provide user friendly means of producing customizable unique barcode labels for specimen or patient logging. The output is highly customizable and can be adjusted for both the printer and paper specifications; no special equipment is necessary. It is capable of batch printing several sheets of automatically incrementing patient numbers with a single input rather than having to change parameters for each patient. It can also be used to generate single barcodes in jpeg format for use in document management.

BC_Code128 can be downloaded here.

Plate ID

Plate ID was developed by CBSR to help centers that do not use a barcode system identify tubes labeled only with a barcode. It can be used with almost any off the shelf document scanner to read and decode the barcode labeled tubes. Although it doesn’t integrate with our Biobank software directly it is able to export the scanned information into an excel file for manual manipulation or cross reference with a Biobank output.

Plate ID can be downloaded here.