The CBSR staff has extensive knowledge in both domestic and international shipments. With our dry nitrogen shippers we can even ensure samples stay frozen for shipments where overnighting is not a possibility. Regardless of the origin of your samples we also can assemble complete shipping kits including:

  • boxes,
  • phase change material, and
  • insulated shippers

However due to the nature of dry ice it must be provided by the site shipping the samples. CBSR can draft the necessary shipment documents such as Waybills and Customs documents (if shipping internationally) for the shipping kit and include these in the box. It then becomes a simple process of packing the box and attaching the provided paperwork.

We handle all of the logistics.


The staff at CBSR can also provide the draw tubes and collection supplies. Just as with the shipping kits we assemble all the supplies prior, fill out all the paperwork and provide an all in one collection and shipping service. If your specific clinics require multiple collections over a long period of time the shipping boxes and phase change material may be reused. When the samples are received at CBSR the box can be repacked with fresh tubes, collection supplies, and shipping documents and be sent back to the clinic. With multiple boxes in circulation an uninterrupted chain of collection, shipping, processing can be established for each clinic.


CBSR also provides shipping services for samples from labs at and around the University of Alberta campus. Even if you don’t do any other business with us we can provide our expertise and supplies on a cost recovery basis to ensure your samples arrive safely intact to your destination.