Welcome to the Canadian Biosample Repository

The CBSR facility provides efficient and robust biosample processing, management, storage and retrieval infrastructure.  
The CBSR operates on a cost-recovery basis to investigators globally in the research community.

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We make it easy for investigators to focus on their research and avoid unnecessary investment in equipment, staffing and storage facilities.


Worldwide Coverage

We provide biobanking services to North America and are expanding throughout Europe!


Diverse Capabilities

We provide sample transport, processing, inventory management, long-term sample integrity, and rapid retrieval of critical biomaterials.



Data Collection

Provides clinical data collection system with customizable, web-based interface for participant data entry.


Web Applications

Provides web applications for ease of sample and and data management  by the member organizations.


Storage Facility

Prodes state-of-the-art storage facility and systems for collection, processing, archiving and distributing biological samples.


Data System

Provides a robust data system for querying and visualizing donor statistics and samples for cohort development.